BETT 2013

Reading the technology barometer at BETT 2013

Published: 3 January 2013

The BETT Show is always a good place to measure the technology barometer within the education sector. BETT 2013 is an ideal opportunity to see the new array of education technologies and a good place to discuss future technology trends.

Whilst the BETT Show is primarily about showcasing new technologies and software applications that support the education sector it is also an opportunity to reflect about the broader relationship between technology and how it influences and shapes how we teach and how our students learn. Technology should be viewed as more than gadgets, it should be seen (perhaps mostly) to do with skills, know-how, the art of doing things, knowledge, behaviour, imagination, excitement, engagement, technique and action - the things that matter most to those who work in the education sector. I am sure that this year's BETT Show will continue to surprise, entertain, inspire and educate visitors from around the globe.


Next Generation Education Technology Companies

The BETT Show is always a great catalyst for schools who wish to question commonly held assumptions about how they are using technology to support teaching and learning and what it means for school leaders, teachers and students in a period were networked devices and services are becoming ubiquitous.

What should schools look
out for at this year's BETT Show?

The education sector represents a large and significant market for technology companies across the globe. The potential revenue from the education sector means that the market is increasingly becoming the prime catalyst for technological innovation within the classroom. So what should schools look out for at this year's BETT Show?

Tablet devices: This year will be the first were the dominant form factor on display will be the tablet device. Microsoft's Surface tablet as well as other tablet devices featuring Windows 8 will be prominent at this year's BETT Show. The iPad and the iPad mini will also feature heavily at the show. Software which help schools to manage their tablet devices has to be a must for any visitor. Airwatch will be present at this year's BETT Show and their Mobile Device Management software will help schools to better manage their mobile device strategy.

Cloud services: Cloud computing has transformed the delivery of web based services across the education sector. If you wish to learn more about cloud services then I would recommend RM Education, Microsoft's Office 365 solution, Google's Web Apps and Dell Wyse.

3D projection: The use of 3D technologies and 3D content within the education sector is set to grow further this year. At this year's BETT Show I would recomend the following companies for 3D education solutions: Amazing Interactives, Cyber Anatomy, Designmate and Gaia Technologies.

The BETT Arena: The BETT Arena is something new at this year's BETT Show. It is an opportunity to listen to some well known names in the field of education technology. Noteable speakers include Prof. Sugata Mitra and Prof. Stephen Heppell. Prof. Brian Cox is also on the list of speakers and he will be discussing how to bring science back to life in schools.