Amazon's Whispercast for Kindle

The e-book continues to grow and expand

Published: 18 October 2012

Kindle Whispercast is Amazon's mobile device management (MDM) software that enables schools to manage their Kindle devices and to effectively manage and distribute content to those Kindle devices. [1]

The main features of Kindle Whispercast are as follows:

  1. Create accounts for your users
  2. Organise users into groups
  3. Control device settings such as wi-fi and access to the web
  4. Distribute content to Kindle users based on their group
  5. Distribute ebooks to other devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Android devices and more. This service can be rolled out to staff and students who bring in their own devices into the school. Users will require one of Amazon's free reading apps downloaded onto their device to access this service.
  6. If your school has multiple teachers purchasing content on behalf of the school you can track all purchases centrally.


Kindle Whispercast

The ability to manage and distribute content to multiple devices across a school is a must for teachers so the Kindle Whispercast service is welcomed across the education sector.


This video from Amazon describes the excitement around the Kindle and how Whispercast is helping schools to manage them. [2] The ability to manage libraries according to the needs of the learner is an important facet of the Whispercast service.


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